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Praise for the Trump Author....

RUSSIAGATE: The Second 100 Days - Deep State/Media Coup d'etat!

“Thanks for standing up to the lies and disinformation artists!”

Joseph Farah

Founder and CEO of World Net Daily


​"​Tom Ballantyne destroys the leftist narrative of Russian interference in the election of President Trump with surgical precision. If you want to know what is really happening in Washington DC, you need to read this timely and important narrative of President Trump's ongoing efforts to drain the swamp and the counter campaign to stop him.​"​

Floyd Brown

Chairman: Western Center for Journalism, Founder of Citizens United,

and President of Excellentia, Inc.


“Thank you, Tom, for supporting both me and the president. I hope everyone who wants to see America great again will buy your book!”

Joe Arpaio

America’s Toughest Sheriff

Maricopa County, AZ


"Author Tom Ballantyne has produced yet another compelling expose of the Left's unceasing war on President Donald Trump and those who elected him. All who read RUSSIAGATE will understand that the entire 'collusion' narrative is a fabrication, and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was put in place for only one reason...and it wasn't to uncover the truth!"

Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

#1 NY Times National Best-Selling Author of 28 Books


"Tom Ballantyne’s prodigious output is both impressive and exhausting! In this, his fifth book in well shy of eighteen months about candidate and now President Trump, RUSSIAGATE: The Second 100 Days: Deep-State/Media Coup D’etat!, the author tackles a subject that no one in the Never-Trump cabal or the self-congratulatory media has gotten right, or gotten straight, assuming that they had wanted to – which, of course, they hadn’t!

With a steady focus and peerless investigative skills, author Ballantyne describes, dissects and discusses every aspect of what amounts to the shameful witch hunt that followed – the goal of which was to destroy the nascent presidency of Donald J. Trump.

It is a cliff-hanger of a story, but those of us––like the author––who believe in this president continue to trust that he is still the smartest guy in the room and will ultimately surmount this ongoing fishing expedition as well!"

Joan Swirsky is a NY-based author and award-winning conservative journalist who has written and co-authored 12 books and was a writer for the NY Times Long Island Section for over 20 years.



"Tom Ballantyne, Author Extraordinaire, does it again with RUSSIAGATE: The Second 100 Days.  Only real-life politics and government in the U.S. can give so much fodder to someone willing to put it in print.  Tom Ballantyne shows again that he is that brilliant mind that can track, chronicle and document this circus in which the 4th estate has been complicit for far too long.  Unfortunately, the “circus” plays with the lives of the innocent, and barters in trillions of OUR dollars!  President Trump continues to show that he is a man for this time; the only one that could possibly stand up to the political and media ilk surrounding him, and pull our country back to the greatness its people deserve.  Tom’s detailed chronicles and analysis will last for generations for all who sincerely wish to learn the truth."


Dr. Terry L. Lakin

Former Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

Co-Author of Officer’s Oath


"With RUSSIAGATE, Tom Ballantyne articulates that with which some of us are already familiar, but which every American ought to know if they are to proceed as informed, scrupulous participants in the political process. So few Americans know of the depth of evil endemic to the culture of Washington, D.C. and continue to take politicians at their word despite overwhelming evidence of their duplicity; a reading of this book will handily put that to rest."

Erik Rush, columnist and author of Negrophilia:

From Slave Block to Pedestal ~ America's Racial Obsession,

"the definitive book on race politics in America."


TRUMP: The First 100 Days - The Assault Intensifies!

"Author T.M. Ballantyne’s prodigious output this year includes ––wait for it––four books on candidate-cum-President Donald J. Trump! This comes as no surprise to fans of the author, who have learned through his biographical sketches that he is prolific in other areas as well, not only boasting eight children, but also an impressive number of beautiful architectural creations produced throughout his professional career. 


As a preamble to his latest opus, Mr. Ballantyne elaborated on the following subjects:

TRUMP vs. the Political/Media Establishment––The Establishment vs. The Rule of Law, an in-depth look at the constitutional eligibility of three of the 16 politicians who threw their hats into the 2016 presidential-primary ring, against the ultimate non-politician, Donald J. Trump.


The Contract to Make America Great Again, in which the original architect of the wildly successful Contract with America, former Speaker Newt Gingrich teams up with Fox News Host Sean Hannity to outline ways in which candidate Trump can create a new Contract with America – which he ultimately did in the form of his Contract with the American Voter.


REBUKE! The Media's Failed Assault on Donald Trump, a riveting look at the leftwing media’s aggressive but failed assault on candidate Trump, along with the endemic corruption of the Democratic National Committee, and the massive voter-fraud which the author documents. 


Now, Mr. Ballantyne has written TRUMP: The First 100 Days – The Assault Intensifies! – which scrupulously documents the relentless, maniacally-desperate, but also exquisitely-organized and massively-funded bombardment of insults, innuendo, falsehoods, slurs, misrepresentations, and manufactured lies which are clearly a function of the media’s frustration at their own stupendous failure to topple his candidacy and coronate their own clear choice, Hillary Rodham Clinton. 


Like the ultimate sore losers most of us were taught by our parents never to be, the media lefties apparently never learned that lesson, and Ballantyne lays out their small-mindedness, vindictiveness, and essentially-childish behavior in exquisite and sordid detail.

He also explodes the colossal hoax of Russia’s supposed attempt to sway the election in Trump’s favor, comparing the dishonest media coverage of this fabrication to the fawning cover-up of the lawless espionage emanating from the Obama White House.


In addition to taking on a Republican Establishment he considers almost seditious in its dishonest allegiance to its lobbyist benefactors and leftist colleagues, Ballantyne warns that Americans are now facing an epic struggle between 'good and evil…freedom and enslavement.'


For political junkies like me, and for anyone who wants a deeper insight into how our system really works – and sometimes doesn’t – and why President Trump will enjoy a successful two terms in the White House, this is simply a must read!"


Joan Swirsky is a NY-based author and award-winningconservative journalist who has written and co-authored 12 books and was a writer for the NY Times Long Island Section for over 20 years.



"In TRUMP – The First 100 Days, author Tom Ballantyne continues his relentless counter punches to the Fourth Establishment's assault on duly-elected President Trump.  Supported by his own exhaustive research and trademark defiance against 'fake news' from all sources, Tom explains the FACTS about President Trump's first 100 days in office.  In so doing, he strips away the misinformation and falsehoods which the media, liberals, and others who would harm this country have promulgated in a nefarious attempt to undermine the President and the will of the majority (as explained in Ballantyne's previous book REBUKE!) of Americans.  As Mr. Ballantyne states, this is a war of good versus evil; and it is a war which must be won by good.  TRUMP – The First 100 Days is an accurate depiction of President Trump's ongoing struggle to 'make America great again.' "


Tom Rogers, DDS – Diplomat of the American

Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery





"Struggling to keep up with the new President’s blistering pace, Tom has somehow managed to produce yet another documentary of not only Donald Trump’s prodigious accomplishments, but the unprecedented and relentless assault by the media and elected Democrats (with the help of key Republicans) on his every move and campaign promise delivered. All who read this book will come away with a clear understanding that the effort to destroy the President has been no accident, but rather a carefully-coordinated campaign of deception."


Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

#1 NY Times National Best-Selling Author of 28 Books



"Donald Trump is likely the most unusual President the United States has ever seen.  His presidential victory has caused “grown” men and women to cry, and revert to puerile behavior.  He is brash, abrupt, and brutally honest.  His tweets are seemingly unpremeditated; and one never knows what he will say (or do) next.  The media hate him and spend billions in resources (as well as lost business) to attack and ridicule him.  There is not a politically-correct bone in his body, and he rarely backs down from a fight…all of which makes him the absolute best person to be our President at this moment in time. 


Who better to keep our enemies – both within and without – guessing what he will or will not do next?  He is, therefore, a gift to the American people; and in TRUMP: The First 100 Days – The Assault Intensifies!, author Tom Ballantyne documents the historic battle into which the election of President Donald Trump has cast us.  All who read it will be armed with facts and truth which only meticulous research and expert analysis can reveal – a must for all patriots willing to engage in the fight to preserve our nation's liberty and prosperity. This is yet another great book by one of the most prolific political writers of our time!"


Kent Smith – Managing Partner, SereniCare, Salt Lake City, UT

REBUKE! The Media's Failed Assault on Donald Trump Intensifies

"Once again, fearless author Tom Ballantyne has written a book that confronts head-on all the liberal sacred cows of the current presidential election season. From the colossal myths that the Left thrives on, to the crooked Democrat candidate, to the skewed polling, to the in-the-tank media, to the verifiable voter fraud progressives specialize in, Ballantyne pulls no punches when it comes to exposing the corruption created in the past eight years of an anti-American regime, while enthusiastically pointing to the hope that lies ahead for ALL Americans in a Trump presidency. Truly a must-read for all those who want an in-depth understanding of what the revolutionary 2016 election was all about!"

Joan Swirsky, Award-Winning New York-based Journalist and Author

"As much as those who supported Mr. Trump in his successful bid to lead us in making America great again will enjoy this expose of establishment political and media corruption, this book should be required reading for all who consider themselves to be true Americans!"

A. J. Cameron

Contributing Op-Ed columnist for Canada Free Press

"Tom Ballantyne is on the Trump Team's offensive line. In his latest book, he rallies support for the new administration battling against its twin foes--the media and the left-wing establishment in DC. Tom is a clear voice for restoring America's Greatness. All freedom loving Americans need to read this book."

Floyd Brown

Chairman: Western Center for Journalism, Founder of Citizens United,

and President of Excellentia, Inc.

"Author Tom Ballantyne provides his readers with accurate, and timely information, supported by in-depth research and his trademark refusal to be intimidated by the media and those on the Left.  In his book he exposes the REAL story underlying the recent election.  He explains the historical basis for the Electoral College, and why it is VITAL to our republic; and exposes the unconscionable efforts of many in the Fourth Estate to undermine both the election and the President-Elect.  Ballantyne connects so well with his readers that one gets the feeling of sitting and speaking with the author personally. Buy this book and arm yourself with the facts needed to help make America great again!"


Tom Rogers, DDS – Diplomat of the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

"In Rebuke! author Tom Ballantyne examines the recent presidential election and the continuing media assault on our 45th President, Donald J. Trump; and just as the iconic president sees and says things with outright transparency and bluntness, the author of this exciting book does as well.  After indulging in Tom's in-depth and well-documented analysis of the critical issues surrounding this election, the last thing the reader will be inclined to do is rebuke the author!  Instead, he or she will thank him for providing deep foundational evidence in support of his compelling conclusions!"

Jeff Lichter – Founding Board Member, Surprise Tea Party – Surprise, AZ


"It has been my pleasure to work with Tom through my radio station and website. Tom is exactly what we need today – sort of a modern-day Thomas Paine. In his book, he details why it is important that we follow the rule of law, especially in choosing our President. I strongly recommend this book - especially for younger conservatives, as it teaches valuable lessons about who we elect and why. 'Just because you smile for the cameras does not mean you are capable or trustworthy to lead and protect this nation!' "

Michael Volin - President WOBC Radio


"Recently, in a Sunday School Class the question was asked 'What is truth?' The members of the class came to the conclusion that the answer was 'Proof.' Like mathematicians use proofs to substantiate their work, we can use proof to enlighten us. Tom Ballantyne goes to extensive lengths in his research to ferret out the truth and then share it with us in his books. I know Tom to be a very spiritual person and do not doubt that much of his product comes from revelation and inspiration after he has done the hard work of his research. He helps those of us who are either too lazy or unwilling to do our own research to realize the extent to which prophecies are being fulfilled through the evil and corrupt leaders of our government. I truly believe that the Lord has provided us with Donald Trump to give us one last chance to return to worshiping God and Jesus Christ before He has to destroy the wicked by burning them as stubble. Tom Ballantyne has captured the essence of our plight and the man who can lead us out of it if we all rally behind him."

Tom Davis – Retired Human Resource Director, Brown & Root Engineering & Construction, Inc./Halliburton


"Tom Ballantyne's 'REBUKE!' is a living testament to the power of the Internet in the hands of a sophisticated observer. That one person could sort through so much information so quickly and present it in so cogent a fashion is downright revolutionary! Citizen journalists like Ballantyne are rescuing 'truth' from a media that have held it hostage for much too long."


Jack Cashill – Author of TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-up, The Conspiracy; Deconstructing Obama, Scarlet Letters (and a dozen others available at Amazon)


"In his newest book, REBUKE!, Tom Ballantyne exposes with characteristic in-depth research the myth that Hillary Clinton won the Popular Vote. He also succinctly explains why the Electoral College is so essential; and, as always, takes on the media - dispensing with their latest predictable assaults on the truth!"

Jerome Corsi, PhD – National-Best-Selling Author of Partners in Crime

(and several dozen others available at Amazon)


"This book (Rebuke!) is essentially the only book available at this time which describes the actions which led to the election of Donald J. Trump. It is full of background information covering how and why Trump won the election. It is also rich with disturbing details about his opposition – from both the Left and the Right. The book is recommended to the serious student of politics, as well as to all who wish to know how American government is supposed to work! It is not a mere repeat of familiar news items, but contains much insightful commentary from an expert on the current political landscape – direct, to-the-point, and often humorous. It is a book which can be quoted – coming from a seasoned writer and bonafide expert in his field!"

Bob Lunsford, Canada Free Press Contributor and Political Writer



"Through in-depth research and analysis, Tom Ballantyne explains in his newest book, 'REBUKE!' how and why Donald Trump was catapulted to the presidency. He also dispels the myth that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote; and pretty much separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to extracting the truth from the fiction reported by the now fully-Socialist 'Mainstream' Media."

Linda Bentley – Reporter, The Sonoran News



"I have known Tom Ballantyne for almost 5 decades.  He has always known right from wrong and has a history of not only doing the right thing but of alerting anyone who will listen what the right thing is.  I talked to him the night before Donald Trump’s election and he assured me that what the polls were indicating was just plain wrong.  He told me Trump would win in a landslide 'unless there was wholesale fraud taking place.'  I called him again early on election night, when it appeared the polls might be right, and he again assured me that we were in for an historic election.  I had my doubts and told him so.  It turns out that Tom is more insightful and informed about our political climate than many others.  Some might call him lucky in his prediction, but I beg to differ.  This is a great book!"

Kent Smith – Managing Partner, SereniCare, Salt Lake City, UT


"REBUKE! is Tom Ballantyne’s latest counterpunch to the media and liberal spin.  Tom is one of those few and gifted authors that can research and lay out what the ‘traditional media’ has not been able to do for far too long: tell the truth.  Tom’s dispelling of lies that the alphabet propagandists and others utilized throughout this last campaign is another lesson Americans need in order to safeguard our Country.  President Trump has another 'tough as nails’ friend in Tom Ballantyne, getting the truth out to normal people, arming them for the continuous onslaught of lies, fallacies, hypocrisy, and violence from the Left which have become all too prevalent.  No other candidate but Donald Trump could have survived the media’s onslaught.  He is now poised to become, in time, one of America’s greatest Presidents.   Thank you, Tom, for chronicling what he endured.  I look forward to your next endeavor on research and truth.  The Truth Matters!  The Constitution Matters!"

Dr. Terry L. Lakin - Former Lieutenant Colonel, US Army


"Tom Ballantyne is a fearless advocate for the truth. He is also a great writer. In his new book, REBUKE! he reveals what really happened in the election of Donald Trump. I urge all to read it!"

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, AZ – “America's Toughest Sheriff”


"Tom Ballantyne is one of the great political writers of our day. He can break down a subject as effectively as any writer I know.  I’m sure all will discover this in his latest book, 'Rebuke.' I highly recommend this book!"

Randy Hatch – Founder, Red Mountain Tea Party, Mesa, AZ

'America’s Largest Weekly Tea Party Meeting'

The Contract to Make America Great Again

"Tom Ballantyne's Contract is the textbook definition of 'timely.' If read by the right people in the immediate future and acted upon, its ample strategic wisdom could save the American people from a forced march down the road to serfdom. Precise, pithy, and to the point, Ballantyne wastes no words to make his common sense case as loud and clear as Tom Paine's or Paul Revere's."

Jack Cashill, Author of TWA 800, Scarlet Letters, Deconstructing Obama, and numerous other books.


“Tom Ballantyne does it again. His clear voice provides a policy and political path forward for Conservatives adrift in the Obama wilderness. Today is a time for unity. Unity of purpose and action on an agenda which works is the gift Ballantyne gives in The Contract.”

Floyd Brown – Chairman: Western Center for Journalism (Joseph Farah, Founder), Founder of Citizens United, and President of Excellentia, Inc.


“Tom Ballantyne may not be clairvoyant, but he’s pretty much the next best thing. In his amazingly timely new book, ‘The Contract––To Make America Great Again,’ he suggests that the history-altering ‘Contract with America’ created by former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich in 1994 be resurrected for the modern age, particularly in light of the presidential candidacy of brash billionaire businessman Donald Trump and his audacious promise to ‘make America great again.’ Sure enough, Brexit comes along, in which England breaks away from the European Union, the Leftist pipe dream of unicorns and fairy dust (aka globalism), proving that the UK, like America, wants nothing less than freedom, jobs, and safety. The author succeeds in making a slam-dunk case for the promise of Trump creating another trailblazing contract in which he promises and delivers on shrinking the size of government, slashing taxes, strengthening the military, closing our borders to millions of illegal aliens, and revisiting the anti-American treaties we’ve signed and our NATO affiliation, none of which have benefited America. It remains to be seen if the candidate reads Ballantyne’s book, follows his advice, and sweeps into office with a thunderous majority.”

Joan Swirsky is a NY-based journalist and author and former writer for the NY Times [Long Island section].


“Tom Ballantyne’s newest offering, ‘The Contract - To Make America Great Again’ is an entertaining and cogent take on the tumultuous climate of politics in the Dark Age of Obama, and what conscientious conservative and libertarian types can do to wrest control of our nation from the International Socialist quislings in our government. This, Ballantyne says, can be achieved through some familiar and some revolutionary processes within the system, spearheaded by presidential candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump who, with his frank rhetoric (which resonates with many Americans suffering through economic hardship due to Obama’s policies) has a unique opportunity to seize the moment and right America’s course. We owe it to ourselves and to our nation to put this one on our reading list... pronto.”

Erik Rush, columnist and author of “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession”

TRUMP vs. The Political/Media Establishment - The Establishment vs. the Rule of Law

“With the precision of a forensic pathologist, Tom Ballantyne probes and analyzes the mountain of evidence that points to the Constitutional ineligibility of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to be President of the United States. The author betrays his training as an architect in meticulously building a beautiful (and persuasive) case for his thesis by examining all aspects of the subject, including the early––and what he considers courageous––pronouncement by Cruz’s arch-rival for the lofty office, Donald J. Trump, who has repeatedly asserted that ‘lyin’ Ted’ is, indeed, not eligible for the office. This is the perfect book for political junkies and ordinary citizens alike.”

Joan Swirsky is a NY-based journalist and author and former writer for the NY Times [Long Island section].



"Tom has done it again!  This is an encyclopedic look at the constitutional eligibility issue, as well as other key topics relevant to the current presidential campaign.  All who wish to understand the actual historical record, and events behind the constitutional issues, will have their eyes opened...and Tom does it with his usual wit and clear analysis."

Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, National-Best-Selling Author



“In his book, ‘Trump vs. The Political/Media Establishment,’ Tom Ballantyne explores the Trump phenomenon through the perspective of the Rule of Law. The author goes to some length to define those words, referencing the basis of the Rule of Law in our country as the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. He then goes on to point out that one of the key tenets of the Rule of Law is that ‘no one is above the law,’ and that that is true of everyone, including the President of the United States.”

Colonel Lawrence Sellin, PhD, US Army Reserve, Retired



“The author provides one of the best explorations available anywhere on the Constitutional requirement for a President to be a natural born Citizen, and legal arguments from all sides on it. He also explores some other contemporary political and campaign issues ably.”

George Miller, Publisher,

Oh Really, O'Reilly! The Spin Starts Here...Apparently!

5.0 out of 5 stars

“A fascinating read for all those who believe a so-called conservative ‘knows it all.’ This author did a great job, doing in depth research, and inserted factual proof to back up why, some people only pretend to be conservative, when in reality, they do not have the facts before speaking. And are cowards in coming forth with the truth just to keep their own title and jobs. Would buy more books from this author.”

By Pam A. on March 20, 2013



5.0 out of 5 stars - Very Well Written and Relevant

“No matter your politics this book will make you think. Too much of free thought has been squashed lately so this book is important. Political correctness and corrupted agenda's seem to be the norm as of late. The author did a great job. Highly recommend, it was worth the price.”

By Lily on August 30, 2011



5.0 out of 5 stars - Excellent Book on current political issues

“I found this book well written and well researched. it covers several issues from a conservative or moderate background. It contains a good discussion on the authenticity of the birth certificate that was electronically produced by someone associated with the current president. It is a thick book and contains a lot of information and backup data to show that we are being mislead. After reading the book, I wonder why that actual birth certificate has not been shown or produced. People who ask to see a copy of the actual birth certificate are labeled birthers and the term is very negative but that is just a cover up to change the subject instead of answering the question by showing the birth certificate. I wonder why they don't show the actual birth certificate and why fair and balanced reporting of the issue does not include the direct asking for the real certificate to be shown. It seems like a very simple request. The book talks about the issue in much greater detail. It was very interesting reading.”

By ceramdoc on June 7, 2012


5.0 out of 5 stars

"Got your book after seeing a video of you on and ordered it immediately through Amazon.... Also like your exposure of the crookedness of the Democratic party trying to pass 'natural born Citizen' laws before they nominated Barack Obama...and your excellent discussion of the meaning of NBC [Natural-Born Citizen]. You also very succinctly explained the DNC/[Democrat Congressional Criminals] manipulation of the OCON to bypass constitutional eligibility and Nancy Pelosi's signing two certifications.... My copy is highlighted, my remarks filling thee margins and pages of interest are corner folded, which is almost EVERY page, so I can reference things quickly to post. I appreciate 'mostly' that you took it to...'O'Really'...!"

An Apparently-Satisfied Reader



"In his excellent book, Tom takes on many in the Conservative Establishment Media for their failure to speak out on this important and clear-cut issue.  While his criticism of those who should know better is biting, this is a witty, sometimes humorous, and fast-paced book, well researched and thoroughly documented. All who read my book on this subject will enjoy O'Reilly!"

Dr. Jerome Corsi - Author of Where's The Birth Certificate?



"Tom Ballantyne does a really clever and useful thing in Oh Really,O'Reilly!   He tells the story of Barack Obama's dubious origins through the eyes/mouth of TV pundit Bill O'Reilly.  Presumed by the Left to be a spokesman for the Right, O'Reilly illustrates just how little the media, Right or Left, have done to clarify the serious constitutional issues surrounding Obama's birth.  I have not seen a book that more cogently or amusingly documents those issues."

Jack Cashill - Author of Deconstructing Obama



"In Oh Really, O’Reilly T.M. Ballantyne has assembled an encyclopedic volume reflective of monumental effort intended to become a valuable resource for all lovers of liberty." 

Rabbi Daniel Lapin - The American Alliance of Jews and Christians



“Tom Ballantyne has assembled the most complete, well-documented collection of facts related to Obama's eligibility to date.  It is a must read for anyone wishing to be fully informed on this critical issue.”

 Mark Gillar –




“Oh, Really, O'Reilly! is well-researched, well-sourced, and as relevant as anything I've read. The takeover of independent media is always the first step in installing a lawless, tyrannical regime. It's far past time for the public to see and comprehend what is being done to the country so many of us love. Kudos to Tom for taking the bull by the horns on a critical issue!”


Nellie Ristvedt – Butterdezillion’s Blog



“A very well researched easy read, one that factually solidifies the complicity of the media in the cover-up of Barack H. Obama's birth narrative.  In addition to exposing those media pundits who think they know it all, but continue to refuse to report the truth about Obama's ineligibility, the author deftly exposes Snopes, FactCheck, PolitiFact, Wikipedia, NPR, etc. - ALL of the supposed non-partisan fact checking and information websites - to be exactly what they are...liberal propagandists.  It is definitely worth the read!”

Sal and Kandy Ricotta - Tea Party/Citizen Activists

Scottsdale, AZ

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