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Disdain for Parties, Politics [self-interest], and Politicians


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Writer's Profile

T. M. Ballantyne, Jr. - known to most as "Tom" Ballantyne - has been writing professionally since 2007, starting with his ground-breaking and inspir-ing Secret of Life Series - a group of three short monographs on the all-encompassing power of thought, released in January of 2009.

He followed that with his first political book, Uncommon Sense...Apparently! A Call to Arms, which he released exactly twenty-four months later, in January of 2011. In it he compared the philosophy of the newly-formed Obama team with that of Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers. The contrast couldn't have been more stark (and alarming).

Next came the second book in what was to become his focus for the next ten years - current political commentary - with the release of Oh Really, O'Reilly! A 'Fair and Balanced' Look at the Facts, some nine months later, in October of 2011. In what was to eventually become two books (Part I - released in April of 2012, and Part Ii - released in June of that same year), the author created what the Rabbi Daniel Lapin, "America's Rabbi," and head of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, called "an encyclopedic volume reflective of monumental effort, intended to become a valuable resource for all lovers of liberty." Mark Gillar, of the Tea Party Power Hour, "the most complete, well-documented collection of facts related to Obama's eligibility to date." He went on to call it "a must-read for anyone wishing to be fully informed on this critical issue."

And then along came Donald Trump.... Having written and published more on the "natural-born citizen clause," found in Article II of the Constitution, than probably any other author - extant or extinct - Tom was stunned back in February of 2016 to hear alleged Constitutional scholar Ted Cruz derisively dismiss the notion of his own ineligibility, using almost the exact same words which had been employed by Barack Obama in demeaning those who had rightly questioned his own Constitutional fealty. And with that the author took up the pen once more - this time in defense of the maverick business maven from Manhattan - in what was to become the first of five successive books on the man who would become one of the most transformational figures in all of American history.

TRUMP vs. The Political/Media Establishment was released in early April of 2016.

The Contract to Make America Great Again was released in late June of that same year - less than three months later.

REBUKE! The Media's Failed Assault on Donald Trump was released some six months later, in December of 2016.

TRUMP: The First 100 Days came out four and a half months later, in late April 2017.

RUSSIAGATE: The Second 100 Days - Deep State/Media Coup d'etat! was released some three months later, on August 2, 2017.

On July 12, 2017 the author released Wisdom from the Founders, a collection of seven key historical documents from America's founding - ranging from the Mayflower Compact to the Gettysburg Address.

All totaled Tom has written and compiled a dozen books in as many years, while continuing his work as an architect during that time as well. 

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